The 8th Wuhan International Construction of Water
Supply and Drainage,Management of Water and
Pump,Tube and Valve Exhibition 2018

Duration: April 18-20, 2018
Venue:Wuhan International Exhibition Center(Hanyang)

Organizers: Hubei Association of Municipal Engineering
Supplying and Draining Water in Construction Professional Committee of Civil Engineering Academy of Hubei Province
Municipal supplying and Draining Water Professional Committee of Civil Engineering Academy of Wuhan
Undertakers: Wuhan Windvane Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd
Sponsors: Wuhan Water Works Company
Wuhan Urban Construction Committee of the Sponge City
Central-south Architectural Design Institute Co.,Ltd
Citic General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co.,Ltd
Wuhan City Development of Drainage Company
Yichang Three Gorges Water Company
Wuhan Municipal Engineering Design Institute Company
South Central Construction Design Company
Jingzhou Water Works Company
Xiaogan Running Water Company
Huangshi Running Water Company
Xiangyang Water Works Company
Huanggang Running Water Company
Shiyan Water Company
Xiangyang Water Works Company
Xianning Running Water Company
Songzi Running Water Company
Jingmen Running Water in Shayang District Company
Xiantao Running Water Company
Anlu Running Water Company
Honghu Running Water Company
Enshi Running Water Company
Macheng Water Works Company

Having been hosted for 7 sessions,The Wuhan Water Exhibition becomes an annual large-scale platform to exchange in Water Technology in Wuhan.Famous companies will assemble,namely IBP,Shenbao Pump,Peng Wei Water Conduit,Ebara,Huangchuang Tianyuan Industrial Developping and so on.Special accomodation of 8000㎡ is also going to be on show for plumbing.Hubei Association of Municipal Engineering together with the Association of Construction Drainage will take charge of the visit and exchange.Those professional audience who are from agents,dealers,water factories,water engineering,designers and units of water use will come in great numbers to be on scene.

As the total investment of Chinese national ‘water pollution control action plan’ is expected to be more than 2 trillion,the water equipment industry faces a golden opportunity.At present,Wuhan is launching a three-year crucial operation of drainage facilities construction in urban area.Also,a tens of billions fund is invested to build ‘the Sponge City’,with 389 sponge cities construction projects being planned to be completed with 15516 billion by 2017.Besides,there is a 120-square-kilometres demonstrative district of the Sponge City around the corner,which has shown up in 17 cities.As a consequence,the selecting of material in facilities of water use is of great significance.A large number of funds will be invested in many aspects,including the transformation of tubes and networks,the purification of water quality in running water factories,the improvement of water pollution treatment factories,the treatment of lakes,the management of recycling water and water saving.

The coming Wuhan Water Exhibition,hosted by Hubei Association of Municipal Engineering and Hubei Association of Municipal Water Supply and Drainage,will further invite those major departments in Wuhan by documents such as water works,design,purification,environmental protection and so on.In addition,those decision-makers,technical chef engineers and purchase managers of running water industries,water works will be also on the name list.
Now,the document of exhibition visiting as well as a series of relative activities like a discussion is published.With the No.6 metro leading to Wuhan International Exhibition Center,it is more convenient for thousands of visitors to be able to arrive at the site.
Professional media like Chinese Water World,Technology of Water Treatment,Resource and Environment,etc. And news media like People Daily,Chutian Metropolis Daily,Yangtze River Daily,etc will expand and improve influence of this exhibition.

Scope of Exhibits
◇Water supply system,drainage system,construction plumbing system,frequency converter of water supply facility and device
◇Treatment technology and facility of industrial effluent and urban domestic sewage,treatment technology and facility of water recycling,total device and supporting facility of water industry
◇-Water treatment technology and device,purification technology of sewage,sludge treatment device,membrane separation technology and device,analysis and testing device of water quality
◇Water resource,water ecology,water works and facility,desalination and use of sea water,water-saving irrigation,water conservancy and hydroelectricity technology
◇All kinds of drinking water purification device,water purifier,water purification material,sterilization device and medicament,water filtering device and material
◇Pipes and fittings:plastic supply pipe,plastic drainpipe,PVC drainpipe,PE pipes,PP-R supply pipe,aluminum-plastic composite pipe,thin-wall stainless steel pipe,nodular graphite cast iron pipe,copper pipe,water box,container,glass fiber reinforced plastics tank,municipal drainpipe,plastic inspection well,manhole cover,concrete drainpipe,square type rain pipe,buried sewage pipe,spiral pipe,conduit tools and accessory
◇Fluid devices:all kinds of pumps and valves,intellect water meter,fan,flow meter,joint,seal component,ancillary products of pump and valve
◇Intellect water works:the system of water quality monitor and warning device information,system of water works producing and running management,system of water supply and drainage distribution management
◇Sponge city:the urban new-type rainwater recycling technology and device, green permeation device (construction road, parkland, water system and so on), rainwater bio-retention system, rainwater reusing system
◇Utility?tunnel:All kinds of plastic, metal, concrete, composite materials; pipe rack and pipeline of water supply, drainage, transportation of oil and gas, heat, electricity, communications; pipe gallery information management system, construction, repair and inspection equipment, monitoring technology.

Exhibition Rates (Honorable booths are limited, please make reservation in advance.)
1、For domestic enterprises: international standard booth 9㎡: RMB 7200 / booth;
special booth (36㎡ on hire): RMB 800 /㎡.
For enterprises abroad: international standard booth 9㎡: USD 2800 / booth;
special booth (36㎡ on hire): USD 250 /㎡.
(Note: one international standard booth includes three-side boarding, one lintel exhibition board, carpet, one reception table, two chairs, two lights, and one 220V/5A electrical outlet. Any extra electricity needs, please call to notify us in advance, which is an extra charge. Special booth does not provide any exhibition appliance or equipment. Administration fee, electric charge and extinguisher rental fee charged by the exhibition hall are borne by exhibitors.)
2、Technical presentation:5000 yuan per presentation(every 20 minutes)
3、Registration fee:500 yuan per person

Publication and Advertisement
1、Publication:the directest communication which is aimed at professional visitors.
(Specification of 140mmX21mm,the advertisement fees will be charged in advance at a time)
2、Advertisement:blurb of exhibitors(free for 500 words),cover-20000 yuan,back cover-15000 yuan,inside front page-12000 yuan,title page-10000 yuan,inside back cover-10000 yuan,color inside page-5000 yuan,monochrome inside page-3000 yuan,full-page text-1000 yuan,exhibitor’s company profile within 500 characters for free
3、Other Advertisement:admission ticket-20000 yuan for 50000 pieces,invitation card-20000 yuan for 30000 pieces,visiting card-15000 yuan,rainbow door-5000 yuan,printed advertisement in exhibition scene-200 yuan/m^2

Participation Procedure
1、Participation Procedure:Exhibitors should fill in the Exhibition Application Form seriously and fax it with a copy of Business License to the Organizing Committee,and the fees should be remitted to the appointed number in ten days.Also,the receipt of bank should be sent to the Organizing Committee to confirm the qualification to join the exhibition.
2、Booth Arrangement:According to the principle of first to register,second to pay and last to arrange,the Organizing Committee will guarantee the exhibition’s running and has the power to adjust a few booths.
3、Conference Arrangement:Handbook of instruction will be sent to exhibitors 30 days before the exhibition,concerning schedule,transport,reception,booth building and so on.
4、The logo of a company,one picture of main product and a brief introduction of a company(within 500 words) should be e-mailed to organize the propaganda of professional visitors.

Organization Office
Add: Hankou District xinhua Road 186# Fuxing International Business Building 2401room in Wuhan ,Hubei . 430022
Tel: 86-27- 82859339 Fax: 86-27-82439316
Contact: Sophia Chan 13476130631
Expo website: www.was-expo.com
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